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Contracts with clients and vendors are fruits of your hard work. It's time they work hard for you! Meet Birdseye - your easy-to-use contract management software.

It's here to help you control the lifecycle of your contracts and get the most from your business relationships. With Birdseye, understanding your contract obligations becomes a breeze. Let's redefine contract management together

Birdseye dashboard
Birdseye dashboardBirdseye dashboard
Birdseye dashboard
CATS CM® certified
what is birdseye?

Birdseye is an easy-to-use software solution that   tracks and manages the lifecycle of your contracts.

Empower your contract management with Birdseye, your intelligent contract management software. Expertly crafted, Birdseye excels in overseeing B2B relationships and the complete contract lifecycle.

Birdseye dashboard

How small, medium and large companies across industries benefit from Birdseye

Partnerships are crucial for every business, from small logistics firms and medium-sized retail enterprises to multinational financial institutions. Leveraging your contracts for maximum benefit with Birdseye gives you a competitive edge, regardless of your size or industry.

Quick implementation
Guided approach
Artificial intelligence embedded
Scalable platform
Configurable templates

Get up to speed in less than 4 weeks

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Birdseye dashboard
Birdseye platform - contract governance
Birdseye platform - orientated approach
Birdseye platform - stakeholders
Birdseye platform - celandar
Key functionalities


Be in full control! The dashboards provide you with a complete overview of what is happening with your contracts. 

Key functionalities


Conveniently record vital contract details and link to your personal document repository system using Birdseye. Gain swift access to essential contract properties and activities, including one-time and recurring tasks, comprehensive dashboards, change logs for auditing, and spend management.

Key functionalities

Activity orientated approach

With Birdseye, overseeing your contracts becomes effortless. Organize and execute contract-related tasks, ensuring streamlined tracking and monitoring of each contract's progress.

Key functionalities


Birdseye enables seamless management and engagement with all stakeholders in your company's processes. This includes contract owners, expert contributors, validators, external service providers, and temporary read-only guests like external auditors.

Key functionalities


Calendar views for each user with overviews and easy access to ongoing reviews, active tasks, and open action items. Ensure actions are executed, contractual obligations are followed up on, and compliance increases.

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