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The importance of efficient contract management within an organization cannot be overstated. Smartly handling this keeps organizational costs in check, monitors potential business risks, and establishes clear agreements with internal and external stakeholders.

In heavily regulated sectors – such as financial services, pharma, food, and critical infrastructure – solid contract management is already well established. This is also the case in sectors that place a high emphasis on operational efficiency or where the impact of contracts on business results is significant, such as in manufacturing, logistics & transport, and retail.

Birdseye: a powerful software platform for contract management

"In streamlining contract and vendor management, management software plays a crucial role," confirms Dominique Kindt, founder and managing director of With. "By centralizing information and automating processes, your company can work more efficiently, reduce risks, and save time. This results not only in better compliance with contractual obligations or rights but also in improved collaboration with suppliers."

With offers companies a configurable and modular software platform for contract management with Birdseye. "Besides financial management with ERP software and customer management with CRM software, it is also crucial to manage contracts well with CLM software," Dominique confirms. "Not following up on contracts sufficiently can cost your company a lot of money."

Need for a clear dashboard

The increasing popularity of software like Birdseye is no coincidence, according to Dominique. "Stricter legislation is coming around contract management for companies. At the same time, it signals to internal and external stakeholders that you are 'in control' of the multitude of contracts managed within your organization. Many entrepreneurs and managers can't see the forest for the trees and therefore need a clear dashboard to map out the internal fragmented contract offerings."

An inspiring collaboration

For the further rollout of Birdseye across Europe, With and BDO Belgium are joining forces. This partnership creates a win-win situation for both parties, and of course, for their clients. Jo Heijse, Partner and Business Unit Manager Enterprise Solutions at BDO Digital, explains: "Within BDO, we are constantly looking for innovative niche solutions to expand our services. Contract and vendor management is a niche where existing ERP solutions fall short, while there is a lot of operational and financial gain to be had in this domain for entrepreneurs."

Dominique adds: "BDO is the ideal partner for us to market our Birdseye platform because the firm excels in a multidisciplinary approach. From legal to risk advisory, and from cybersecurity to specific industry sectors: with BDO, we can bring our clients tailor-made solutions, with a mix of Business and IT. It is also essential that the firm is not just a tool implementer 'per se' but also thinks process-wise through successful contract management advice and digitalization projects with existing and new clients."

Additional value thanks to AI

"With Birdseye, Dominique's team developed a state-of-the-art and mature solution in contract management," Jo indicates. "For instance, the platform utilizes artificial intelligence, which is indeed a must today." Dominique confirms: "In many companies, hundreds or thousands of contracts are stored. It's an impossible task to manually screen and analyze all these documents. Thanks to AI, we offer our clients the ability to digitally decode contracts and then transfer them to manageable data."

Single point of truth

The partnership between With and BDO Belgium is a real game-changer for both parties. "At the BDO experts, we see a dialogue- and customer-driven attitude with the desire to grow together in an increasingly important domain of contract management," says Dominique. "Their presence in no less than 164 countries, combined with the previously mentioned multidisciplinary approach, will open many doors in an international market."

Jo confirms: "Thanks to our collaboration with With, we can offer our clients a 'single point of truth,' enabling them to take proactive action for optimal contract management. Which contracts are about to expire? What about cancellation periods? Which clauses need to be refreshed? In the long term, we want to support our SME clients from a 'Contract Management as a Service'. From our baseline 'Let's grow together,' we are ready to make Birdseye the reference in contract management software!"

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