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When talking and performing Contract Management, we believe that there is more to it than using a good tool, a simple yet very effective triangle of combined forces is what elevates an organization in terms of Contract Management: People, Process & Technology. Therefore we are happy to announce a big new collaboration with the people of CM-partners and their very own methodology: CATS CM

Who are the people of CM-Partners and what is the CATS CM Methodology

CATS stands for: Contracts Administration & Tracking Scenarios. It is a comprehensive contract management methodology developed by Dutch experts in Contract Management, Linda Tonkes and Gert-Jan Vlasveld. Nowadays, Arjen Van Berkum is active within the organization since 2008, with a significant contribution to the methodology and actively spreading the benefits and use-cases of contractmanagement all over the world.CATS CM stands out for its crystal-clear clarity, streamlined efficiency, and a proactive stance that keeps everything ticking like clockwork. It’s a symphony of stages - preparation, creation, execution, and the grand finale of evaluation and closure, all with well-defined roles and a toolbox of smart strategies. Tailored to fit like a glove for various organizations and contract types, CATS CM has made waves internationally, becoming a go-to methodology in sectors like IT and procurement.

With the new alliance between CATS CM & Birdseye, we make sure every pilar is being covered. Professionals who deep dive into the methodology, by following the training and reading the CATS CM book, they are educated in how different stakeholders in an organization can work together to achieve well performing contracts through collaboration and the right process for each agreement. But how does one take it from there? Do you work in a sheet of some sort? Do you organize a Shared drive where you store all of your contracts you need to work on together? Or do you use a platform that is fit for purpose, and makes sure you are alerted and notified, in reaching your contractual rights and obligations.

What is the actual benefit?

This partnership ensures that people who are trained and skilled in the CATS CM Methodology, can apply the best practices easily, get notified, and enjoy a complete overview of their contract landscape. With the different contract scenarios, contract managers can keep track of the important data suitable for the different kinds of contracts, being operational, strategical or critical. Birdseye is now equipped with the CATS CM Templates, in a flexible manner. Presenting you all the aspects of the methodology in a fit for purpose platform, creating the possibility for the contract manager to engage with Birdseye in an interactive way. This results in contracts working for you, and not the other way around.

Are you a contract manager working with the methodology, and curious to discover how Birdseye can help you in your daily work load, do not hesitate to reach-out and we will showcase how Birdseye and CATS CM work together!

If you are interested in discovering more about the methodology and possible training and certification, we would love to tell you all about it and connect you with one of the experts over at CM-Partners.

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