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contract managers

The guardian of the business relationships and all it’s treasure!

As a contract manager, you are the warden of some of your companies most valuable assets… Your agreements. These contracts aren’t just pieces of paper, they represent your business relationships that makes the world go round! People, process and technology is the holy trinity in this story. When talking about technology, Birdseye is a perfect companion!

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process efficiency
Typical value increase
Action items
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Value leakage

A lack of oversight on the contract’s meta-data and the many rights and obligations the agreements contain. Resulting in a loss of quality with sometimes financial consequences.

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Process vs Technology

“A fool with a tool, is still a fool” provocative saying, but with an important craft as contract management, you need a process approach. Birdseye facilitates your processes as well as markets best practices (ex: The CATS Methodology by CM-partners).

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Contracts get increasingly complex

Modern contracts are growing in complexity, making interpretation, compliance and management challenging. This intricacy can lead to risks, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities if not adeptly navigated.

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Increase of achieved contract objectives


Of Industry experience


Exceeding industry standards


Get automatically extended without your knowledge


Of average implementation time


less audit findings

What Birdseye aims for

Ensuring oversight, accessibility, and activity. Much more than a central repository

With Birdseye you are ensured of an overview of your contracts and the valuable objectives they contain, with an activity-oriented approach, you can exercise the preferred process/methodology and let your contracts work for you. Being a role-based platform, Birdseye engages your internal stakeholders to work with you on the agreements when needed. All with the click of a button.


Features with purpose

With over 50+ industry expertise, Birdseye was not developed with a bunch of fancy features, we made sure every single tab had a purpose and addressed a challenge the contract managers of today are faced with in today’s landscape.

Being active as consultants, we witnessed the actual needs the different departments had, and discovered what a Contract Lifecycle Management Software needs to be all about.

“We have built Birdseye from the ground up, with our feet in the mud at our clients. Being a consultancy company by origin, we experience these challenges on a daily bases, and every one of our clients and their different departments had another objective to achieve. For a legal counsel in today’s landscape, we notice they need a very general approach, but with some very specific goals at the same time. We made sure that Birdseye covers those needs in terms of overview, but gives the flexibility to really zoom in on the topics and challenges our clients are confronted with.” 

Dominique Kindt
CEO of WITH and Birdseye
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A brief overview

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Having processes at your fingertips

With the markets best practices integrated in Birdseye, you can get right into the action.
Working with CATS CM®? Birdseye is fully enabled to support the methodology and put it into action!

Dashboard of Birdseye

An oversight, crystal clear

Enhance your decision-making skills with dashboards that offer updates on the status of individual or multiple contracts. Use advanced filtering options to get a clearer understanding of your data. Access raw data for ongoing and completed recurring assessments for a comprehensive overview.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

By thoroughly reviewing terms, ensuring clarity, and monitoring compliance, you can anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring both parties meet their obligations and expectations

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