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Legal Counsels and Legal Advisors

An end-to-end Contract Management Solution, ensuring what is valuable to the legal counsel

As a legal counsel, you are at the center of some of the most valuable assets of the company, the business relations.Securing the rights and obligations with your suppliers and clients are the beating heart of your organization and its objectives. Without contracts, a business is an empty shell. Birdseye helps you to keep track of what is important to you and enables you to help colleagues with contract related questions quickly. That way, you can be on your way with your daily tasks.

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Action items
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All your eggs in one basket, but in a good way

Birdseye serves as a central repository for your contracts. No more digging around in multiple shared environments, your business-critical contracts right at your fingertips.

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Rights and obligations

The times of missing a renewal or an audit opportunity are over. Birdseye alerts you on important contract events and helps you to reach those contract objectives and eliminate value leakage

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Process flexibility

Birdseye provides you with multiple market’s best practices while leaving you free to apply your own process. Ensuring a quick adaptation and limiting change management

Other processes
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Work together as one

Birdseye is a role-based contract management platform, where all roles are encouraged to work together on the business relationships. Assign tasks, reviews, or important questions to your internal or external stakeholders.


Increase of achieved contract objectives


Of Industry experience


Exceeding industry standards


Get automatically extended without your knowledge


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less audit findings

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“You can’t manage, what you can’t measure” -Peter Drucker

Centralize your contracts, ensure compliance and manage risks, all in a proactive manner. That is how Contract Management can transform the way you tackle the challenges today

This is a streamlined process

With you, every step of the way

Working together on your contracts gives you an incredible advantage in the short term and the long run. With Birdseye we enable you to ensure compliance, while working as collaboratively and efficient as possible. Eliminating the hassle of using multiple programs, shared drives and the (not so) good old filing closet.

“We have built Birdseye from the ground up, with our feet in the mud at our clients. Being a consultancy company by origin, we experience these challenges on a daily bases, and every one of our clients and their different departments had another objective to achieve. For a legal counsel in today’s landscape, we notice they need a very general approach, but with some very specific goals at the same time. We made sure that Birdseye covers those needs in terms of overview, but gives the flexibility to really zoom in on the topics and challenges our clients are confronted with.” 

Dominique Kindt
CEO of WITH and Birdseye
Comparison between the structure when one uses Birdseye, and when one doesn't
Streamlined process

A brief overview


Be compliant with regulatory guidelines by inviting external stakeholders onto Birdseye and save their answers

Calendar dashboard of Birdseye

Reviews and actions

Work together on maximizing your contract value, by setting out different action items and review all your important contract milestones

Dashboard of Birdseye

Follow-up on your rights and obligations

Ensure trust, avoid financial and legal pitfalls, maintain smooth business operations, and fosters lasting, positive business relationships. At the your finger tips in Birdseye

Graph of low, medium and high risk

Mitigate Risks

By thoroughly reviewing terms, ensuring clarity, and monitoring compliance, you can anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring both parties meet their obligations and expectations

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