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Efficiently manage your contracts with our user-friendly platform

We understand the complexity and importance of managing contracts effectively and our platform is designed to make the process as seamless as possible. With Birdseye, you can efficiently manage your contracts and


Access  dashboards and trend reports for useful oversight and direct access to more information

2. Records

Manage projects, contracts and relations with configurable meta-data for information capturing

3. Activities

Perform project and contract management activities with recurring reviews, tasks and assigned action items

4. Stakeholders

Engage internal and external stakeholders in the execution of your project and contract activities

5. Calenders

Maintain a calendar on a company and/or business unit level for planning activities, including alerting on rights and obligations

6. AI

Use Artificial Intelligence to scan and analyse contractual documents to identify contract (meta) data, obligations and rights.

Our platform

Dashboards that matter

Get valuable insights for decision-making with dashboards that show the status of each contract (or multiple contracts) using advanced filtering capabilities. Create overviews and raw data exports related to the status of recurring process assessments for ongoing and completed risks, performance, governance, security and compliance, obligations, and relationships.f

Powerful Exports

Traffic R / A / G dashboards

Tracking and follow-up of action item completion progress

Birdseye platform - dashboard
Our platform

Execute contract governance and relationship management

Keep track of important details and features for each contract by storing them directly or linking to your document repository. Quickly access key features for each contract, including recurring and one-time tasks, detailed dashboards, change logs for audits, and spend management

Easy access to the relevant details of all contracts

Create a sub-contracting by connecting contracts to a master agreement

Quick and easy access of the stakeholders involved with your contract 

Birdseye platform - contract governance
Manage activities

Manage your recurring processes and one-off
events as activities

In Birdseye, you can easily manage, track, and monitor each contract using predefined and customizable process templates for recurring activities. In addition, you can assign one-time events to each contract.

Easy access to the relevant details of all ongoing activities

Overview of all action items or tasks assigned to contracts, activities, ...

Easy access to your activity dashboards, audit trails and trends

Birdseye platform - recurring processes
Stakeholder engagement

Collaborate with your internal and external stakeholders

Generate insightfull decision-making dashboards with status reporting per contract Flexible platform to manage and engage all your involved stakeholders in your Vendor and Supplier Relationship Management process: Contract Owners, Expert Contributors, Validators, External Service Providers and (temporary) read-only guests (for e.g. external auditors)

Role management based on responsibilities

Single Sign On integration possible to unify passwords & access

Quick and easy overview of your contributors

Birdseye platform - collaborate
Our platform

Enjoy an overview of your activity planning with tailored calendars

Easily manage the frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly) of recurring activities in your calendar or schedule a deadline for a one-time event. Calendars can be generic for multiple business units (or even the entire company) or specific for users within a specific business unit (such as a calendar for the finance department).

Easy overview of recurring processes and one-off events planned for you

Easy overview of deadlines to be achieved for open action items

Intuitive planning-engine that allows adding & editing entries in your calendar

Birdseye platform - celandars
We have you covered

Relationship management

Contract Management is all about making sure your contract objectives are reached, reaching these means successful partnerships. Birdseye enables you to manage your relationships properly. 


Create an overview of your qualification through the project feature. Keep every contract related activity in one place


Follow-up on the invoicing and spend, being aware if you are on track

Contract Health

Deep dive into the overall health of your agreements, adjust or cure when fit!

Ensure regulatory compliance

Risk Management

With the constant changes in regulations and the increasing importance of compliance, managing risks associated with third-party relationships can be a daunting task. Birdseye streamlines the process and provides you with the tools you need to effectively manage and mitigate risk

Risk Assessments

Keep a pro-active mindset when performing contract management.

Action items & Mitigations

Customizable Templates

Take advantage of our market's best practices, or create your own flow. Entirely up to you

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