Benefits that matter for your business

Our expertise allowed us  to create a more  effective and efficient tool. 

It is designed to be  more user friendly and better suited
to the task at hand.

Birdseye being a multidisciplinary tool, bridging  contract
creation, contract lifecycle management, compliance and third-party
risk management.

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Birdseye team

Years of experience


Years of experience

Built by contracting professionals

Birdseye was built from a business standpoint, with the commitment to deliver. Coming from various industries, we learned that a Contract Management Software must be both focused and broad.

Covers the entire
contract life cycle

From the signature on your newly agreed contract, until the negotiated discount clause after 4 years of cooperation... Birdseye provides you with an end-to-end  coverage of your contract lifecycle.

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2 weeks

Average implementation lead time

Short implementation cycle

We have expertise and templates available.
With our own Artificial Intelligence Engine, Birdseye reads and understands contracts in just a few minutes! Making it easy and fast to fill your Birdseye with contracts in weeks instead of months!

Be in control with insightful dashboards

Enhance your decision-making skills with dashboards that offer updates on the status of individual or multiple contracts. Use advanced filtering options to get a clearer understanding of your data. Access raw data for ongoing and completed recurring assessments for a comprehensive overview.

Birdseye dashboard

Key functionalities

Birdseye is here to guide and support you through every step of the contract lifecycle. With features designed to address common challenges, we make it easy for you to stay on track and ensure a smooth process. Let us be your companion on this journey.


Access responsive dashboards and trend reports for useful oversights and direct access to more detailed information


Manage current and future relations and contracts with meta-data for satisfactory information capturing

Manage activities

Perform project and contract lifecycle management activities with recurring process reviews, allocated.

Stakeholder engagement

Engage different internal and external stakeholders in the execution of your project and contract lifecycle management activities

Easy scheduling

Maintain a calendar on company and/or business unit level for planning project and contract lifecycle activities including alerting on.

Facts and numbers

Numbers that matter

Using Birdseye means your company is using industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the contract management advisory. Taking full advantage of todays technology, we ensure a quick implementation lead time through our Artificial Intelligence engine! Reducing a full onboarding trajectory to weeks instead of months!


Combined domain and professional experience


Typical efficiency gain by using artificial intelligence to scan contracts


Average implementation
lead time

>20 - <2000

Flexible software suitable for small and large contract portfolios

Get up to speed in less than 4 weeks

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