Risk managers, compliance officers and ESG professionals

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With the increasing complexities of imposed guidelines, it's crucial to have a system in place that helps manage contracts efficiently and effectively. Birdseye provides a centralized platform for all contract-related activities, from initiation to termination, ensuring that all obligations are properly recorded and managed.

Regulatory checklist
Audit trail enabled
Market best practices

Generate "in control" statements with dashboards

Demonstrate control and compliance to regulators. Birdseye provides you with insightful dashboards and status reporting per contract. With the ability to track and monitor all contract-related activities, you can ensure that your organization is always in compliance with relevant regulations, demonstrating control and accountability to regulators.

Powerful Exports

Traffic R / A / G dashboards

Easy scheduling

Oversee the activity planning on calendars that are specific per user

Easily manage the frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly) of recurring activities in your calendar or schedule a deadline for a one-time event. Calendars can be generic for multiple business units (or even the entire company) or specific for users within a specific business unit (such as a calendar for the finance department).

Easy overview of recurring processes and one-off events planned for you

Easy overview of deadlines to be achieved for open action items

Stakeholder engagement

Collaborate with your internal and external stakeholders

Easily manage and engage all the stakeholders involved in your company's processes, including contract owners, expert contributors, validators, external service providers, and temporary read-only guests (such as external auditors).

Role management on responsibilities in your Vendor Management Process

Quick and easy overview of which stakeholders are involved in your activities

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