Birdseye: A Game-Changer for a compliance department


Birdseye: A Game-Changer for a compliance department

Navigating a rapidly evolving business landscape is never easy. A lack of comprehensive overview and reliance on basic tools like Excel can make the entire process even more daunting.

July 11, 2023

The Challenge

Navigating a rapidly evolving business landscape is never easy. A lack of comprehensive overview and reliance on basic tools like Excel can make the entire process even more daunting. This was the exact predicament a client of ours found itself in. The compliance department was mired in a disarray, a situation that was further amplified when an audit conducted in the first quarter of 2022 revealed a lack of second-line control. The need for an external solution was urgent, with a hard deadline set for September.

Challenged to find a solution within three months, the team came across WITH, and our solution Birdseye - an intelligent, agile, and user-friendly system. Upon engagement, they found the team at WITH to be both informative and prompt, providing sustainable solutions to all their inquiries. They particularly appreciated the efforts of Dominique (CEO) and Koen (Product Leader), who proved to be valuable guides in their journey towards implementing a more efficient system.

The transformation following Birdseye's integration was indeed a revelation. Their team now had a streamlined and efficient process at their disposal. A simple, user-friendly tool that enhanced communication with different stakeholders - from owners to expansion companies and even to functions like audits and group compliance.

The Benefits

For a business in need of a solution that could adapt to regulatory requirements, Birdseye's version management proved instrumental. The platform allowed their team to continuously adapt their queries and evaluate their suppliers' responses, bringing transparency and adaptability into their operations. They found the Birdseye platform not only met their expectations but also provided a significant market advantage in evaluating suppliers.

However, Birdseye's impact extended beyond just software. Our market knowledge and expert advice were equally essential in optimizing their operations. Their prompt and consistent responses only affirmed the belief that Birdseye was indeed the right choice.

Up and running in less than 4 weeks

The implementation process was smooth sailing, the team at WITH assisted them every step of the way through testing, demos, and training. This not only helped alleviate initial doubts but also confirmed that choosing Birdseye was indeed the right decision.

In terms of satisfaction, they are more than happy to recommend Birdseye to colleagues. He lauds the positive collaboration and quick implementation, which he sees as a testament to Birdseye's efficiency and adaptability. As their team leader puts it, "Implementing Birdseye within a short timeframe was a success."

Full interview transcript

Dominique: How does this impact your relationship with suppliers?


Xavier: It makes it easy to evaluate whether a supplier is meeting or exceeding our expectations in the market. This is a significant advantage for us.


Dominique: Is Birdseye making a difference in your daily operations?


Xavier: Yes, it is. Expert advice has also been crucial, as software is just one component. The market knowledge you bring is invaluable. We received a response every time we had a question, which made it clear we had found the right Birdseye.


Dominique: How did the implementation process go?


Xavier: We decided to move forward and continue asking questions. Initially, we lacked the knowledge to verify different aspects. However, through testing, demos, and training, we came to understand that our choice was the right one.


Dominique: Are you satisfied with Birdseye?


Xavier: I am, and I'd readily recommend it to colleagues. According to my understanding, we're not alone in facing these challenges. Our collaboration has been highly positive, andimplementing Birdseye within a short timeframe was a success.


Dominique: How do you envision the future of this collaboration?


Xavier: The process was concise and effective. Birdseye is just the beginning of our collaboration because we can extend its use for other topics, expansions, and other aspects of growth. I see this as the beginning of a successful partnership with you.


Dominique: Thank you for this interview. I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship.


Xavier: Thank you very much.


Dominique: My pleasure.


Birdseye has significantly enhanced their operations, increasing efficiency and adaptability. Not only does Birdseye offer a user-friendly and agile system, but it also brings invaluable market knowledge and expert advice to the table. The platform's success in their department signifies a promising future for other businesses facing similar challenges, serving as a strong endorsement for WITH’s services.

Jeroen Vlaminck
Sales & Marketing Manager
July 11, 2023

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